We facilitate training through the use of technology, research and development.

The Academy concentrates on the training, professionalization,specializationand continuous evaluation of its students, to create specialists who respond to the specific requirements of each need within your company. Our program is designed by CEPII (Centro Panamericano de Investigación e Innovación), oriented to the integral formation of the individual by means of tactical training, training in technology and computer science and leadership impulse.

We continuously innovate our specialization offer in security to respond to social and technological changes.

In Grupo AP Seguridad we amplify the professional and human potential, which is why we offer an academic level and programs of excellence. We transform and develop security professionals, equipping them with the necessary academic and tactical knowledge to protect patrimony, physical integrity, goods and information.

High level education and training programs are provided to supervisors and middle managers. Our workshops apply person-to-person communication skills: how a group functions, decision making, conflict resolution through the use of techniques; situational leadership based on the best practices we have developed through decades of experience in the security field.

The courses are designed to offer each participant theoretical-practical teachingfor the application of learning, which improves the performance of staff and enhances their skills through the knowledge and use of regulations and specific performance procedures through the recreation of real situations.

AP Seguridad provides high-level education and training programs to supervisors and middle managers.

Our technical capabilities and experience to train and professionally qualify people result in a life plan.

The life project is an outlined plan, a vital scheme that fits into the order of priorities, values and expectations of a person through his or her career.

If you have questions or concerns about our services, we are ready to solve them.

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