The purpose of the program is to offer the answer to the problem of insecurity in the network of communication routes, by accompanying highway users throughout the road, which provides security, certainty and response.

The main element is to observe in real time, through a Control Center, the flow of traffic on critical roads and highways and to intervene in cases of alteration, delay or reporting of events.

All communication routes and roads are monitored from the remote command and control center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, by means of a software that is designed to automatically alert operators of incidents that have occurred, together with the attention of four response teams strategically located, on average, every hundred kilometers, to arrive at any point between two and fifteen minutes, including the placement of roadblocks.

Through this centre, the various support forces are displaced along the route: ambulances, firefighters, towing vehicles, engineers, road repair equipment and security forces.

With software tools, hardware and specific communication technologies for control and measurement, based on our experience, knowledge of the problem, solid infrastructure and our international network of analytical experts, we study the data to provide High Performance Strategies.

The program consists of 4 stages:

1.- An effective communication network is established between local, state and federal authorities, as well as with civil organizations along highway routes, which allows the government, leaders of transports associations, citizens of adjacent communities and users to have real-time information.

2.- A system of CCTV and Monitoring Centers is incorporated in strategic sections, which forms an analytical intelligence to identify behaviors and prevent crimes. In this way, every criminal will be aware of the fact that he is being observed, which eliminates any opacity.

3.- By means of measurements, statistics and indicators, risk mapping is generated, which allows the strategies, preventive and reaction plans to be zoned and focused for each road quadrant.

4.- The effectiveness of the response services is coordinated by distributing surveillance equipment, as well as fixed checkpoints at strategic points, and incorporating systems that allow the connection between them; in this way, coverage and certainty are created, which guarantees the integrity of all users.

Fields of Action:

  • Control and enumeration of vehicle movement.
  • Recognition of the flow in transit.
  • Identification of cargo and personal transports.
  • Systematization of the administration of payments and fines.
  • Assistance to users.
  • Timely detection of atypical behaviors.
  • Effective reaction to accidents and natural disasters.
  • Measurement of loads in transit.
  • Tourist accompaniment.


  • With online surveillance cameras, counters and other means of visual analysis along the road.
  • Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID) to control the number of units in circulation, their speed and their location throughout the journey.
  • Emergency panels at specific control points, allowing communication with the Command Center.
  • Video-Analysis that generates alerts on any anomaly within the road safety plan (unauthorized license plates, events and road accidents, camera failure, etc.).
  • Highly trained response team located at a short interval to ensure a rapid response at any point of interception.
  • Equipment of warning panels to officers and their units to alert them in case of an event, by controlling the location of patrols within their sector.

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