With the great satisfaction of a job well done

Over the course of 30 years, we have successfully implemented more than 976 projects.

Trade and Services

  • Loss Prevention and Control Plan implemented
  • Comprehensive training to prevent theft
  • Detection through a Control and Monitoring Center
  • People Counting and Heat Maps
  • Use of technology for the control of goods

Logistics Chain

  • We developed a suitable Intelligence Plan for the reduction of operational risks.
  • Design and implementation of the management structure by means of the Crisis Cycle methodology.
  • Technology Implementation (Satellite Location, Sensors)
  • Integration of Critical Vision Centers (Cognitive Vision and Profiler)
  • Creation of Attention and Response Units
  • Formation of Teams specialized in C-TPAT

University Campuses

  • Trust Control System was established
  • Attention to the most common behaviours and incidents in students
  • Access Controls for proper identification of students, staff and visitors
  • Real-time detection through the Monitoring Center
  • Signaling and Luminaires
  • The University Community Services Unit was created

Asset Control

  • We design the entire Security Architecture
  • We develop specific procedures based on Operation and Requirements
  • Periodic Audit and Monitoring


  • We centralize information by correlating different systems through data science to detect vulnerabilities in terms of present and future consequences.
  • Mapping and Classification of the different Critical Areas
  • We manage and evaluate risks
  • Implementation of redundant systems
  • Custody and Observation on the surroundings with Protection
  • Perimeter and Internal Patrol

Aircraft shelter

  • 18 years of experience with aviation companies
  • Inspection and Monitoring of the control of entry and circulation of people, vehicles to the enclosures, aircraft, platforms and cargo acceptance warehouses.
  • Implementation of technology for the system as a whole
  • Dangerous goods inspection
  • Securities and correspondence safekeeping
  • Implementation of the different levels of Security in accordance with the regulations during the Persian Gulf War (1991)
  • Constant training of AVSEC personnel (Aviation Security)

Logistics and Transport

  • After identifying the trading partners, we trace the flow of the goods.
  • We create a Transport Plan, with hours of transit with less criminal incidence.
  • Preparation and verification of packaging
  • We guarantee the control and use of seals
  • We cover the insurance of containers from the point of origin to their destination and distribution.
  • Communication between Control Posts
  • We implement technology of Monitoring and Location

Safe and Smart City

  • Forming Intelligence Units
  • We create a network connecting entities and citizens with special emphasis on collaboration and dissemination.
  • Tactical Police Training
  • We manage and act before Events and Incidences
  • Identification of threats and attention to areas of greatest incidence
  • We implement Critical Vision Centers in Strategic Points
  • Securing and Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

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