ORC model


Through Units of Operation, Recruitment and Confidence Control, Training and Service Intelligence and Research for the design, improvement and evaluation of security systems and devices (ORC for its acronym in spanish) is reproduced anywhere geographically.

This structure or Logistic Squad

constituted with an average basis of 218 elements, with support unit organizedby multidisciplinary professionals in technology, regulations and staff managementcapable of attending in an integral and continuous way the needs per site; remote monitoring servicewhich assures the fulfillment of the order, registers the state of force in real time, response to emergencies and assures the contact with authorities and interaction with the user.

ORC is replicable, installed to operate in any location close to users.

where we can provide the services of personnel systems and immediate response, training, monitoring, patrolling and technology.

It is located considering that the place has the characteristics that guarantee its optimal management: perfect reaction location and a precise operational logistics strategy.

Advantages of the ORC Model

  • Proximity to the User
  • Dedicated Planning
  • Communication
  • Vehicles and Immediate Response Personnel
  • Logistic Support.
  • Classroom for training.
  • Radiofrequency
  • Cohesion, consistency and standards
  • Interior and perimeter monitoring system
  • The Dissuasive Presence of Security Guards
  • Reinforced Physical Barriers and Alarm System
  • Locks with Controlled Access
  • Motion and Glass Break Sensors
  • Programmable Protective Lighting
  • Safe Routes to Main Destinations
  • Training in action protocols
  • Preventive technical inspections
  • Real-time connectivity and reports
  • Trust Control Evaluations
  • Locks in restricted access areas
  • Information and Systems Shielding
  • Panic Room and Shelter Vault
  • Dangerous Objects Detection
  • Immediate Response Capability
  • Custody for Stock Transfer
  • Safeguarding officials
  • Detection of illegal activities through simulated users
  • Civil Protection Program

The Preventive Guard is incorporated in cases of:

  • Vacation covering
  • Wildcards
  • Immediate reaction unit

Units that compose it:

  • Logistic Warehouse
  • Critical Vision Center
  • Radio communication system
  • Instructor-Trainer
  • Auditor

With our experience in the market, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, we have been able to take advantage of it, which is why we have synthesized the process to make it successful.
This means that it is not possible to offer the service with simpler, less expensive and higher quality solutions.

If you have questions or concerns about our services, we are ready to solve them.

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