Corporate governance


Based on the framework of standards, processes and good practices

We ensure accountability, fairness and transparency in a company’s relationship with all its stakeholders (board of directors, shareholders, customers, employees, government and community).

With these three axes, we form the good practices of our Corporate Governance

  • Transparency in all activities.
  • Strong monitoring and balance.
  • Increase in fiduciary obligations.

We achieved

  • We facilitate the transparency, efficiency and security of information.
  • Equity and protection of the rights of those involved
  • Permanence, transparency and accountability.
  • We classify, simplify and optimize operational growth and investment in infrastructure.
  • We improve the image of the company through recognition by investors, companies and society as a whole.
  • Strategic decision making, which generates growth potential.

We have an impact on society

in a positive way by increasing stability and credibility, thus contributing to the generation of wealth.

Transparency and trust

That characterizes us are generators of security, and a good corporate governance strategy, gives rise to legal stability, economic and the promotion of sustainabilitywithin our organization.

Need to strengthen

the demands on the clarity, truthfulness, good practices of our company and the way we act.

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