It is the answer to the problem of public insecurity

Safe & Smart City® by means of cameras and diverse sensorsstrategically distributed provides a system of intelligence and mapping of riskswhere it is evidenced in real time every criminal event that occurs in the city.

It has a positive impact on the quality of life of the population and improves the response of the authority through:

  • Active Monitoring Centers.
  • Optimal coordination between agencies and response units with access to information in real time, through centralized databases.
  • Immediate response to environmental hazards and risks, which can be located by means of automatic triggers such as panic buttons, intrusion alarms, detectors and sensors.
  • Real-time proactive video analysis to identify atypical objects or behaviors.
  • Specific location of people and objects in the environment.
  • Management of events and specific incidents in programmed areas.
  • Incident identification and supervision in government facilities.
  • Identification of emergencies catalogued as status.
  • Support for search and rescue operations.

It is also integrated to government responsibility programs, focused on the community:

  • Traffic Control
  • School and transport
  • Hospitals and ambulance services
  • Welfare Services
  • Public transport
  • City services: water, drainage, cleaning, public lighting

This programme coordinates political leaders, citizens and responsible authorities by means of a real-time communication network, in order to generate the appropriate solutions.

Added to this, a software that works as a correlation engine with all the organs of government and society makes it possible to know the event at the moment and to respond in a timely manner.

Based on the data statistics it produces, the planning, efficiency and response times of the city’s services are improvedin order to prevent crime and increase the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Cutting-edge technology, mapping and measurement of the main crimes are key to focus and mitigate them.

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