Evaluation and Trust Control Center


The course of selection —through our applicants’ evaluation control processes, especially those with a direct link with the 0 worth in shopping areas and granting of permits and concessions— results in reliability and permanency as members of companies and institutions.

Innovación Tecnológica

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With our Technological Process Systems, we involve components, processes, relationships, interactions, information flows based on information and data, so that we take advantage of technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data, and Dialogue Systems.

Objectively, the Artificial Intelligence allows for a quick background check, with high quality results given the use of AI for analysing applicants’ information such as curricula, evaluations, behavior and demeanor.

Neural Networks

Big Data

Network Links

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Initial Selection



Final Selection

Regardless of the above, when selecting a person, we previously carry out verifications such as:

  • Identification documents
  • Professional qualifications
  • Academic record
  • Employment record
  • Criminal records
  • Credit record
  • Financial Regulators

On time, a correct evaluation instructs in a more efficient way the decision making regarding the personnel integrating your company. For this reason, we obtain from the applicants:

  • Personality
  • Intelligence quotient
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Psychopathologies
  • Emotional problems
  • Speed and Level of verbal and nonverbal thinking
  • Problem resolution
  • Decision making
  • Values
  • Honesty


It reliably evaluates the behavior and demeanor of the subjects in order to predict their honesty in a work environment

  • Loyalty – Guided attitude in a legal framework with a sense of compliance with what is said, the commitments acquired and the promises made.
  • Deviation with deceiving intention.
  • Mitigate theft or robbery
  • Mitigate the manipulation of facts and values for personal gain.
  • Validity – Analysis of the congruence and manipulation that the person performed when answering the test to give a distorted (positive or negative) image of himself.

Main Spheres: Cognitive and Emotional.

Cognitive Sphere

Emotional Sphere

Values Sphere

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