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The management of everyone in the company is always PREVENTIVE. At all times, we are committed to complying with safety rules and procedures. This is the only way to minimize or avoid risks.

Our staff

It meets the most rigorous selection, as it contemplates classification criteria that take into account the physical, cultural, educational, integrity, legislative conditions and with values and high professional ethics.

This is based on studies, antecedents, work certificates, personal interviews, psychological tests, home verification and its verification.

Organizational Measures

Security is not about putting Security Agents in a facility that, no matter how well trained they are, will not be effective  without:

  • Action protocols
  • Regulations
  • Management Framework
  • Decision-making structure
  • Awareness and sensitization program

In addition to being integrated with the policies and standards of the facilities where the service is provided, therefore, as a whole it will achieve the fulfilment of the protection mission.

Technical means

Our skill in the use and application of technology allows us to identify the tools that an organization requires to develop its projects, which results in a technical orientation, a correct design and particular implementation of your company.

We distinguish ourselves by the experience and knowledge in the integral approach to the management and development of the technology, which demonstrates the understanding from the beginning between the security program and the goals and objectives.

The entire prevention and protection design

It must be framed in International Norms, Security Policies and the Company’s Mission, by combining the cost-benefit that must be agreed upon jointly with the user.

We analyze the protection coverage

From your company, institution or organization, to create the best security solutions and use Big Data tools for Risk Analysis and Management for decision making.

Passive Protection Measures

  • Security Peripheral, pedestrian and vehicular barriers.
  • Protective lighting.
  • Detection devices (Alarms to detect intruders) or Fire Alarms.
  • Opening and closing mechanisms (key or combination locks, electronic).

Active Protection Measures

  • Surveillance
  • Inspections.
  • Access Control.
  • Patrolling Labors
  • Identification, Registration and Control of People, Packages and Vehicles.
  • Risk Evaluations.

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