Security Services

We cover all the security services required at an airport, such as baggage detection and security, control patrols, merchandise X-rays, baggage cart handling and parking services.

Port Air Services

Airport and Complementary Service License
Technical Accreditation
Training Program
Own AVSEC Instructor
Authorization and Registration with the DGAC

Complementary Services

  • Ramp
  • Aircraft Trawling

  • Fuel Recharge and Discharge

  • Embarkation, Disembarkation and Baggage Loading

  • Cargo and Mail

  • Passenger Embarkation and Disembarkation

  • Police stations

  • General Aviation

  • Requirements for the Authorization of Contracts for the Presentation of Complementary Services in the Traffic Modality: Passenger, Baggage, Cargo and Mail Documentation.

We apply operational safety procedures to ensure optimal operating conditions during the provision of airport and complementary services, in accordance with national and international manuals and regulations.

Strategic Objectives

  • Maintain high standards of operational safety in air activities carried out in the territory and airspace.
  • Decrease the occurrence of aviation incidents and accidents in air operations.
  • To safeguard civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference, bearing in mind the safety, regularity and efficiency of flights.
  • Strengthen the personal and professional growth of our personnel, by assessing their needs in terms of skills and capabilities.

Staff Profile

Personnel involved in airport operations and services and complementary, responsible for reviewing aspects of operational safety at an airport.
  • Guard
  • Reviewer
  • Supervisor
  • Instructor

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