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We localize and synthesize the data and the neccessary information in order to act with certainty.

How we do it?

With the analysis for its distinction in real time. Algorithms of clusters by zones in space and period. Models for crime prediction.

Risk Assessment

We detect threats in a timely manner, as well as the potential for them to occur, in order to prevent them.

How do we achieve it?

As a result of the interaction between the user and our professionals, in the public and private environment, we are able to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

Planning and Development of Solutions

When creating the security project, knowledge of the variables is required: where it is located, type of industry, segmentation, operation, as well as the necessary equipment. Knowing these parameters depends on the work and coordination of the whole multidisciplinary staff, but also implies knowing the needs of the community where the project will be installed.

How do we achieve this?

We propose methods and actions based on the treaty and analysis of information: Statistics of frequency, incidence rate, association and impact measures, prevalence, social patterns.

“All this without restraining people’s freedom”

  • People with values in charge of the Function
  • Intelligence
  • Procedures
  • Logistics Service

These four basic elements of equal importance that are interrelated give the efficiency of the system, together with our management with High Alert Levels, Operational Capabilities and Values, making us the best Security company in Mexico and Latin America.

If you have questions or concerns about our services, we are ready to solve them.

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