They are fundamentally about human activities, focused on detecting atypical behaviors, establishing and managing relationships with valid contacts or tests and presenting information.

We collect the data to set up operations in the place where it is treated for prevention, detection in criminal opportunity, thereby promoting the defense of the security and welfare of the User.

We work closely with authorities, operating within the legal framework

  • We use Big Data tools for Risk Analysis and Management
  • Data Science + Artificial Intelligence
  • We intelligently uncover atypical activity by turning data into tangible and viable threat outlooks
  • Search and Research Systems and Methodologies

How do we do it?


Identifying requirements means defining those questions to which intelligence is expected to make a contribution.


We gather specific types of vital information on economic, military, political, social, scientific and other developments to answer how much can or must be collected to meet each requirement.

Processing and Exploitation.

Gathering produces information that must be processed and exploited before it can be considered information and given to analysts. Conversion includes translation, decryption and interpretation.

Analysis and production.

Integration, evaluation and preparation of all available data, including single-source reports, are geared towards rapidly developed events and longer-term intelligence and full source studies.

Analysts complete a more comprehensive assessment by integrating information from other classified and unclassified sources, including unstructured sources.

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