We have the ability to detect,with the highest discretion and confidentiality, within the routine activities or atypical transactions within your business, from the analysis of the documentation, in combination with other available elements.

We assist individuals, corporations and governments to respond effectively to the threat of fraud or the demands of a complex trade dispute.

Investigators provide relevant data on the commission of the crimes and their perpetrators, so that they have sufficient elements and evidence for the authorities to apply the corresponding sanctions.

We use the experience, information, contacts, technology and tools necessary to evidence and prove the responsibility of the author; the above with the specific mission so that those responsible do not go unpunished.

Approaches to Fraud Detection and Investigation

We combine analysis techniques, both in real and virtual environments, combining high-performance equipment with the most advanced cyberintelligence and financial crime software technologies.

Operational: both functional and technological aimed at detecting deficiencies in the links of the value or supply chain in their business processes.

Tactical: by identifying possible early warning indicators of reputational risk and/or fraud associated with third parties with whom they maintain or intend to maintain business relations.

How do we do it?

  • Analyze allegations of corporate fraud or financial mismanagement
  • Addressing informant complaints
  • Prevent or detect problems before they occur.

Scientific method

The objective of the research is to describe, explain, predict and influence the behaviour processes or modus operandi of the individual.

To make this possible, we use the scientific method to conduct inquiries using principles and procedures that we use to develop questions, collect data, and reach conclusions.

We make use of scientific data and technical expertise for:

  • Identify and mark crime scene areas.
  • Collect, preserve and package physical evidence.
  • Maintain detailed reports, records, and other tracking data.
  • Use of scientific equipment to collect and analyze evidence.
  • Assist with authorities in the chain of custody.

Professionals with skills

When faced with difficult situations, they must possess acute technical and observational skills, as they are called upon to identify and gather even the smallest amount of physical evidence, which can mean the difference between an unsolved crime and a successful one.

We combine our skills

highly specialized in the areas of corporate research consulting, with deep financial insight and advanced analysis to produce transformative ideas, accompanying the user throughout the entire life cycle, from proactive consulting to investigations and remediation.

If you have questions or concerns about our services, we are ready to solve them.

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