The Safe & Smart City® plan is executed in three main stages:

Threat identification.

The analysis of the antecedents and probabilities of the future commission of criminal acts and facts that could disrupt the normal life of the citizenry, its seriousness: robberies to businesses or houses, incidents in schools or on the way to it, traffic accidents, extreme weather conditions, fires, environmental risks, multitudinous events resulting from sporting or cultural events in meeting places for mass recreation, etc.

The data are reviewed in matrices of probability and severity of damages. The result allows us to dimension the incidence and impact for decision making.

Risk management.

Knowing the threats in relation to the possibility of their occurrence allows us to implement the optimal and dynamic response necessary to contain them.

We face the identified threats, considering the community characteristics, using tools and technologies for the registration and efficiency of the program which allows to evolve in a timeline.

In this stage Safe & Smart City®, defines the priorities contemplating the available budget.

Coordination of the response plan.

Communicating to the political environment and government authorities the activities and resources needed to implement the program, this is the essential platform for its success.

It gives a panorama with qualitative and quantitative information; on the one hand, it generates peace of mind regarding the threat; on the other hand, it boosts the participation of the population since public awareness and support is important.

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