Risk management


With study and analysis

We can structure and apply policies, procedures and practices to manage uncertainty related to any threat. Through the establishment of the frame of reference, we identify, analyze impact-frequency and evaluate; all of the above supported by systems that perform patterns and simulations in order to implement strategies that control and mitigate them.


Risk is inherent in human and organizational activity, the alternative is its reduction in frequency and impact, using the AP Security methodology.


It is when the organization refuses to accept it; that is to say, no exposure is allowed; it is achieved simply by not committing to perform the action that originates the risk.


When a financial institution assumes it, as in the case of insurance companies; they take the risk in accordance with a policy where, previously, the general conditions of coverage and patrimonial responsibility (amounts) are agreed.

Retain or Assume the risk:

Decision to accept the consequences of the occurrence of the event voluntarily. This decision is made if you have information and do not wish to implement the measures and recommendations.

We make members of the organization aware of the need to reduce risk taking.

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